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 #   Tree Name   Description   Individuals   Families   Sources 
1 James Learned Christiansen's Genealogy The genealogy of the Brackney, Felter, Knight, Learned, Smithers and Stone families of the US and of the Christiansen family of Denmark. 26,519 8,198 163 
2 Sarah Meyer's Worldwide Family The Genealogy of the Meyer (Perchik), Anker, Bigos, Davis (Birgardovsky), Edelberg, Hite (Chait/Khait), Karmelek, and Perlstadt families, originating in Latvia via Ukraine(Edelberg), Ukraine (Davis, Hite and Perchik) and Poland (Ank(i)er, Bigos, Karmelek (Carmel), and Perlstadt). Now family members live in Argentina, Australia, Canada, England, France, Israel, Portugal, Russia, US, and maybe Poland or Ukraine.  4,025 1,434 0 
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