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Sarah Jim and Bo

For both families: Please note that I have been doing my best to validate the data that was supplied to me.   I do not claim to have done a "perfect" job.   Only G-d is perfect, the rest of us are not.   Therefore this work contains "correctable miscalculations", please let me know when you find them.   Also understand that if I do not know you personally, I can not possibly know everything about your family.   So do not be angry, but ask nicely and I will make the correction.
Privacy: Living people will have names only.   If you wish not to be searchable, please request "Private" status.   I want cousins to be able to find this page, and their roots, so I encourage you to keep your status as living.
A huge Thank you to Darrin Lythgoe for this software and his help in customizing this site.

Acknowledgements for my (Sarah's) Family
Thanks to Emily Brauer Kahn for the Edelberg (Latvia), Brauer and Lewin families, Joyce Oshrin for Edelberg (Latvia) and Oshrin family data, and to Rina and Edna Eidelberg for the Eidelberg (Latvia and Odessa) families.
Thanks to Mary Brauer for the Brauer family.
Thanks to Stephen Ankier for finding the paper trail that linked our families.   Great work Stephen.

Acknowledgments for Jim's Family

For the Jim's Danish Family, I acknowlege the work done by his third cousin Dr. Johannes Lund.   Dr. Lund (a veterinarian in Denmark) single-handedly graciously provided the Jim's ancestors through his paternal grandfather back to the 1590's in Denmark.   The vast majority of his research was done in the archives of the Danish Church.   This information was provided in MS Word files, in Danish.   I relied on Google translate, and when it appeared that there were problems in the translation with names, I went back to the original Danish files.   All errors in this work are mine.

The vast majority of the rest of this data were obtained from GEDCOM files graciously supplied by others:
For the Learned family, I thank the following contributors: Betty Dunn, Bob Tate, Karla Casper-Jennings, Gerald H Johnston, Chris Knight, Helen Flach,Charity, Earle Peckham, John Sprague, Samuel Coy, Jackie Ginn, The Darrel LaMarWakely Family, Tim Raper and Karen Blagg, Adam Dewing which were downloaded from   I also thank Michael Holland and Richard Wise whose data was downloaded from World Connect, Kevin West for his help with the West family (especially on FindaGrave), and the Genealogy of US Presidents.
For the Smithers family, the vast majority of the data came from the website of Glen S. Lavey, which is no longer available..  Also Dale and Corinne Wise have been very helpful with the work they did on Find A Grave for the York Center Cemetery, where many of the Smithers descendants are buried.   For the Stone and Felter family the information came from family sources, and from Judy Felter Dosh, whose data was downloaded from World Connect. I also wish to acknowledge Norm Hopkins and Polly Cox, whose information on Find A Grave has been very valuable.
For the Brackney family, there is a family website, which has not been updated since 1998, but is quite useful.  There were family Brackney papers, which included a long list of references used by Herbert Brackney in compiling the book, referenced below, as well as his application for the Sons of the American Revolution.  I thank the following contributors of Brackney data, which were downloaded as GEDCOM files from Sandra Dorey, Dr. P. Scull.  Jeffrey Cavender, Kurt H Pickering and Patricia Applewhite. Also, Richard Allen, Alice Marie Beard, Jacqueline Carpino, Mary C Shaw and "Freckles".

I wish to acknowledge the books "The Learned Family in America" by Eugenia Learned James,
and the Brackney book, which was prepared in 1969, by Herbert W Brackney and sent to all Brackney cousins.

I welcome additional information, especially in GEDCOM format.  Please contact me.   GEDCOM information may be provided to family only and then it will be limited to the appropriate branch.
I just completed a major cleaning and revision of the data.   I merged duplicate individuals, eliminated those individuals where I did not have any real data.   I added counties to US data, when I could determine (or thought I could), which county a city was in. When a city and county have the same name, if the original data did not specify county, I assumed it was the city.   I have been working with source data and have made some corrections. Any remaining errors are mine. Please contact me with any corrections and additions.--Sarah
I wish to acknowledge countless others who contributed photos via Ancestry or FindAGrave or perhaps a maiden name or other useful data. At this point I don't know your names but a huge Thank you.
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