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My site has a whole new look. I hope you like it. Both genealogies have been updated and are on the genealogy page. If you want a specific family, you will need to select it in the dropdown box. Check it out!

This is a new system for me, and it will take a while for it to run smoothly.  Also note that on the genealogies pages with charts you may choose the number of generations to view at one time. The optimal choice is 4 because that is more easily seen on the screen.

I have reluctantly come to the conclusion that paternal grandmother Tillie's father (Feivel Edelberg) was not her biological father.  This is based on DNA evidence, and until I know who her biological father is, Feivel will continue to occupy that spot.  He was her father for all practical purposes.  Also please note that Fishel Meyer was for all practical purposes the father of Esther Meyers and Jack Meyers, even though their biological father is now listed as "Mr. G."

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